Soffit Installation Services

As professional soffit installation specialists Edmonton we have been servicing since many years. Our prompt, friendly and professional soffit installation service, backed by our status as a “fully licensed, insured and bonded” firm allows us to ensure every customer is a satisfied customer. We will assist you in getting your soffit problems solved right the first time and within budget.

Soffits that Work as Intended

Squirrels, birds, rats, etc. can enter through your soffit. Keeping your soffit always sealed will prevent unwanted critters roaming around your attic. Those small animals can cause electrical damage, chew on your insulation, leaving unsanitary conditions in your Soffit area and attic. They also can get down into your walls and cause more damage.

It's very important to keep your soffit sealed. Call A2Z Roofing for an Estimate if you have holes anywhere in your soffit.

We offer vented and non-vented soffits. We offer aluminum, fiber cement board, and custom made cedar. Did you know that the right soffit can increase the life of your roof? And don't forget about that all important "curb appeal." We'll help you choose the right soffit for your budget, your application, and the beauty of your building.

Unmatched Soffit Installation Services

When considering replacing your soffit and fascia there are a few factors to keep in mind. Your soffit system is the roof overhang ventilation system that allows airflow into your roof allowing your roof to breathe properly. Without soffit vents your roof will not get the ventilation it requires to allow the roof vents to funtion the way they are suppose to. If you notice all new homes and custom homes do not have wood soffit underneath the aluminum soffit, this is because an open soffit system is the best way to ventilate your roof.