How Do You Know When It Is Time To Replace Roof

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Replace Roof

The roof is the most important component of your home as it keeps water out of the building. Nonetheless, nobody likes having to pay to replace a roof until it starts to leak. The leakage problem could be due to many different roofing problems.

You know it is time to replace your home appliances, clothes or even your car. When a new smartphone comes out, you purchase it without delaying a minute. But what about your roof. It is crucial to have a pleasant shelter, but it is also important to replace it after a few years. By inspecting the roof on a regular basis and making little fixes as needed can prevent some expensive repairs down the road and keep your roof in working order.

Here are a few things to look for that might indicate it is time to think about a new roof.

Roof age

How old is your roof? As per experts a roof will last between 20 to 25 years. If you have more than 30 years old roof, there could be a problem, even it looks good from the ground. So if your roof has not been replaced over the two decades, now it is time to think about it.

Shingles curling and buckling

Curled and buckling shingles are another sign that you may need a new roof. If you notice the sunlight coming from your roof into your living room, it could mean the shingles are past their life expectancy. There is also a possibility that the roof is defective.

Missing shingles

It can also be another sign that you need a new roof for your house. If there are a few shingles missing, there should be no problem with replacing a few shingles. Inspect your whole roof and look to see if all the shingles are intact.

Shingles granules in rain gutter

At the end of the life cycle, shingles will begin to shed large amount of granules. Check your rain gutter properly. Heavy rain or strong wind can be the factors that make roof shingles looser than normal. After a heavy rain or strong wind, if you find a buildup of shingle granules in your eavestrough or on the ground, don’t panic. In such situation, you need to hire a professional to inspect your roof.

Moss or algae on shingles

Developing moss or algae on shingles does not mean that shingles are old or worn out. It is actually no reason to panic. It is just a cosmetic issue. When you find moss or algae on your roof, don’t take a matter into your own hands. If the problem is taken care early, it won’t affect the roof.

A roof installation is an expensive investment, so you will need to make sure it is done right. When it comes to roof replacement, make sure you find an experienced company like A2Z Roofing & Renovating Limited in Edmonton.

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