How to prepare your roof for the winter weather?

How to prepare your roof for the winter weather?

Isn’t it always a surprise from the weather as well as from the roofs that tend to leak at the very wrong time? Underestimating and delaying the repair can only increase the cost. Most homeowners do not know how to prepare for the winter and assume that the roofs can withstand the season.

Ignoring the damage can pose heavy damage to the property but a few steps can save you from some damages.

1. Investigate and look for damages – Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? This phrase might just save you from the leaky roof and unnecessary expenses. Damages identified earlier on can help you tackle the issue without damaging the interior of your house. We all know, it’s not exactly a DIY project and not easy to get on the roof.

In this case, you can inspect the roof by using a drone, it is the most reliable and safest solution to detecting the issue but you have to have a good quality drone. Be careful while you use it as there are licensing issues relating to operating a drone.

The other two solutions are using binoculars or to just hire a professional.

2. Clean the gutter before the winter – A cleaning of the gutter done once or twice a year is a must. The gutter can help carry all the water from your roof but can also find its way through inside the walls or indoors. The clogging of expected twigs, leaves and the occasional bug along with anything that drops during a storm on the roof which can become a clogging hazard.

There are products that are definitely effective at stopping debris build up whether you clean or replace your gutters. A2Z roofing specialist can help you with better affordable options for gutter guards and many other services.

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