Fascia Installation Edmonton

Fascia is the metal or wood that runs along your roof line and underneath your eavestrough or gutters. The soffit is the panels you see on the over hang of you roof line that fastens to the fascia board and into a j channel or j trim which is fastened to the exterior walls around your house.

The fascia is the metal that fastens onto the wood which is attached to the rafters around your house. The fascia protects the wood from rot and weather damage. It is important to have an exterior application covering your soffit and fascia to ensure that water, ice or snow doesn't penetrate into your home.

Why Fascia and Soffit are Essential

Besides your soffit protecting your home from weathering, the soffit also acts as an incoming source for attic ventilation. That why if you notice on all newer built homes the soffiting system has perforated holes or vents to allow the air to circulate into your attic giving it just the right amount of ventilation it needs to breathe. If you are replacing your existing soffit it is important to be aware if you have under soffit wood panels to either remove them or cut holes aprox. 2-6 inches every 6' prior to soffit being installed. This will allow the soffit to breathe once you install your new soffit.

The great thing about fascia is if you use metal fascia the metal comes in a 24" coild which is cut down to size and bent custom to your home or design. Not all wood is the same size and not all builders use the same size wood when installing fascia. Alot of times if you use a pre fabricated fascia it can be to small or to large for the fascia board. If the fascia board is not completely covered it defeats the purpose of installing it to begin with.

We suggest when hiring a soffit & fascia contractor in Edmonton to install your metal that they have their own metal bending brake. This is the machine that forms the fascia on site.

Top Quality Fascia Installation

If you are trying to give your home a facelift with a cost effective budget installing soffit & fascia is a great place to start. Keep in mind when installing soffit and fascia it requires the removal of your eavestrough so keep that in mind when budgeting for your project. You would be surprised how much of a difference it makes when replacing your soffit and fascia especially if you choose the right colours to contrast with your home.