Common Reasons For Roof Damage Explained

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Your roof is one of the most important security features of your house. It protects you from all the external disturbance, thus maintaining peace for you.

It is equally important that you take care of your roofing on a regular basis, as it will help in detecting any kind of problem at the earliest. Roofing repair and replacement can prove to be very costly and one should maintain it on regular basis.

Have a roofing problem but can’t figure out the reason? Don’t worry we’ll guide you to the possible reasons responsible for it.

Reasons For Roof Damage:-

Irregular Maintenance

It is very important that you get your roof inspected on regular basis. This will help in early detection of any kind of damage, big or small, to be repaired at the earliest.

Also, over the period of time, your roof is likely to develop leaks, rot or any other problem. Regular maintenance makes sure your repair cost is minimal, which when done afterward, may prove to be expensive.

Wind & Hail Damage

Wind and hail can cause severe damage to your roof. Wind causes the shingles, nails and other material to lose out with time. This can lead to minor and major damages, when wind blows and the shingles and nails get misplaced.

Inspection is highly recommended after a hail storm or powerful wind blow, as it will tell you the condition of the roof and whether it needs any repair or replacement.

Clogged Gutters

When gutters are not cleaned on regular basis, it gets clogged. This prevents water drainage, making water stay there and falling over all the neighboring stuff.

With constant contact with water, the roofing material tends to get weak over the time. If there are any cracks in the roofing, water will slip through it, creating more damage to it.

Wrong Installation

Nothing can be more dangerous for your roofing than an improper installation. A loosely installed roofing is subject to a lot of wear and tear in the very first year itself.

Also, it won’t last too long and will get damaged easily by any of the above factors. It is always recommended getting your roof installed by certified professionals who have enough of experience in installing the roofs.

Wrong Repairs

There are times when people, for saving a little amount of money repair their roofs themselves or call inexperienced professionals. This surely saves you money for that time but may end up getting more worse than before, over the period of time.

Now, the repair which could have cost a little will become expensive for you. That is the reason, one should leave such work to the professional itself.

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