All You Need To Know About Roofs


A roof not only protects your home from weather effects but also play a significant role in defining the shape and style of your residential and commercial building.

So, choosing the right type of roof that suits your property appearance is another thing to consider. Here is a detailed information about various types of roofs for your premises.

  1. Flat Roof gives extra living space to install heating & cooling systems, make garden and more, but due to its low pitch, it is prone to water leakage.
  2. Combination Roofs combine shapes and designs that create added aesthetic architectural feature to your premises, but it could be expensive.
  3. Gable Roof is also known as a peaked or pitched roof that virtually comes in a triangular shape. It can shed rainwater and snow, provide ventilation, offer more space for attic & vaulted ceiling, but it can pose problems in the area with hurricanes and strong winds.
  4. Dome Roof is polygonal the shape of an inverted bowl. This roof type is beautiful and durable, but its sophisticated design makes it an expensive choice for the users.
  5. Hip Roof has the four sides that are sloped, and each side has the same length and forms ridge to meet the top. They are stable and snow slides easily, but it is also prone to water leakage.
  6. Pyramid Roof is used for smaller structures, resistant to strong winds and provide more space to hold several things, but again it is one of the expensive roof types.
  7. Mansard Roof has four sides with double slope, and it is suitable for the homeowners who plan for home additions, but it is not ideal for the places with frequent snowfall.
  8. Curved Roof is similar to shed roof and comes in varies designs. It is aesthetically pleasing, but its construction cost depends on the complexity of the design.
  9. Gambler Roof is also known as the barn roof that consists of two sides with varying slopes. Framing out this roof is simple, but not advisable for the area with strong winds or heavy snowfall.
  10. Butterfly Roof is a V-shaped roof that allows natural light inside your house, but its sophisticated design makes it an expensive choice.

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